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St Andrews Beach Golf Course Hole No.1

St Andrews Beach Golf Course Hole No.2

St Andrews Beach Golf Course Hole No.10

St Andrews Beach Golf Course Hole No.11

St Andrews Beach Golf Course Hole No.11

St Andrews Beach Golf Course Hole No.13

Course Tips

Things To Be Aware Of:

  • The Golf Course was originally designed to not cater for motorised golf carts. Paths have been constructed where possible but great care must be shown by those using golf carts.
  • The 1st hole is a dog-leg to the left for a blind 3rd shot. Do not hit to the right.

Hole 1 – 497m, Par 5

A spectacular start to your round of golf, from an elevated tee. Observe the flag position over the greenside bunkers. This information is worth noting for longer hitters as the flag cannot be seen from the fairway if you go for the green in two. If playing for green in three, place the second shot right of the bunkers short of the green. To be past the left side bunkers in two or right of them is advisable.

Hole 2 – 279m, Par 4

A Conservative tee shot played left of centre allows the golfer to fire up the length of the narrow green on the approach. On the other hand some will be tempted to attack the green along the right half of the fairway. From this side the approach is more difficult.

Hole 3 – 405m, Par 4

Shorter hitters should play left of centre from the tee to open up the view of the green. Longer hitters can create an easier approach by playing centre/right from the tee, giving themselves a better angle for the approach. Slightly long on the approach is a smart play.

Hole 4 – 197m, Par 3

A hole that generally plays longer than its measurement. The green is smaller than it appears from the tee. Long left is the best strategy for consistent pars and better.

Hole 5 – 387m, Par 4

The target area and character of the downhill drive changes constantly with the wind. A wide fairway worth hitting as the downhill approach to the green is far more challenging from the deeper than average rough. Shots landing short of the green will release forward.

Hole 6 – 169m, Par 3

A challenging par three if the green is missed. Most shots to find the green willl be treated well by the concave shaping. A left to right shot played positively will receive the best affect from the design.

Hole 7 – 377m, Par 4

The exposed, elevated tee presents a wide fairway and choices of line for the longer hitter. A deep green will send most approaches right to left on landing.

Hole 8 – 322m, Par 4

A little more testing from the tee in terms of accuracy. Distance control on the approach is paramount. An approach with height/spin will be the best percentage play. Slightly easier if played past the hole on the approach.

Hole 9 – 339m, Par 4

Thread the needle from the tee between the natural contours. The approach can be played cunningly using the slope beyond the green for rear pin positions. Another test of short iron control on the approach. Do not miss the green right.

Hole 10 – 384m, Par 4

From the tee it appears centre right is the line. To be placed centre left from the tee makes a challenging approach somewhat easier. The high soft landing approach is rewarded consistently on a smaller green that is magnificent piece of work.

Hole 11 – 147m, Par 3

Again the golfer with controlled ball flight is rewarded on a par three that calls for a soft landing shot. Short or short left from either tee presents trouble. Middle of green is always the best strategy.

Hole 12 – 389m, Par 4

A sucker tee shot - centre of fairway is best. Approach shots landing short will bounce hard right. Best to fly the ball into the green. The green is deeper than it appears.

Hole 13 – 452m, Par 4

Centre/ right is the line. A drive with maximum carry is the shot required. If the green cannot be reached in two best play for a steady second in play. The customary pitch to the green is best played to the centre of a small target.

Hole 14 – 276m, Par 4

The green sits askew to the line of the fairway. Ideally the approach should be from the centre left to afford the best angle along its centre. Respect the line on the approach and be up.

Hole 15 – 361m, Par 4

Looks easy, and is, if you hit the targets. Drives and approaches to the green will bounce once or twice to the right.

Hole 16 – 197m, Par 3

Anticipate your tee shot feeding forward from the right side and kicking to the left if you elect to play for the running style shot. The shot can be longer than it looks as the first left side bunkers are set short of the green. The green will hold an elevated shot.

Hole 17 – 468m Par 5

Entertaining hole that constantly changes the options. If there is a rule it is don’t go left on the second shot. Plenty of variety in pin positions that are all best handled from centre/ right if not attempting heroics with the second.

Hole 18 – 404m, Par 4

A tee shot down the centre can lead to an uneven stance for the second shot. The right side will offer more roll on the drive whilst the left side presents an approach that works best with the contours on the green. Tom Doaks final green is magnificent.

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